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About Us

GEON ENGINEERS is an organization based in New Delhi providing Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing, and Industrial project services. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach and provides a complete range of services from concept development to commissioning for projects in the Energy area.

GEON is a professionally managed company with its strong intellectual capital of well-qualified result-oriented managers with vast experience in the industry. In the last few years of operation, the company has developed its expertise and now has its team of experienced accredited electrical & mechanical engineers, technicians and researchers, social scientists, environmentalists, marketing, and financial managers. 

In the management of the projects, the company depends a good deal on short-term consultants working on a full time or part-time basis. GEON has been fortunate enough to get the co-operation of some of the best experts in their fields. The company employs modern techniques of project management to ensure timely and speedy execution of the projects.

GEON team is drawn from various disciplines, like civil, chemical, electrical & mechanical engineering, infrastructure, economics, science, planning, management, etc. All the personnel have wide experience in their field and are from good universities and institutions. The company has an adequate working place with working staff, communication, and computational facilities and is strategically located in the capital city of Delhi.

The Company maintains regular contact with leading industrial, research, and academic organizations, working in the energy sector. A formal collaboration agreement is signed with these organizations for accessing their expertise either for an individual project or for working in specific areas. 

GEON portfolio of services encompasses a broad domain. Following are the strategic & technical projects areas of Energy where GEON is rendering its services: 

  • Biogas Plants.
  • Biomass Gasifier Plants.
  • Biomass Thermal Plants.

Geon is a professionally managed company regarded by its customer, employees, and vendors as dedicated to creating values by complete excellence. 

GEON is committed to delivering innovative solutions through teamwork with sincerity to total customer satisfaction and contributing to the success of its customers.

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